Trust Deed Investments

Trust Deed Investments

Better Loans & Realty’s Trust Deed Investments offer an attractive alternative to traditional investment options, such as stocks and bonds.

Our Trust Deed Investments yield a rate of return of 8.5%-14% annually and produce a stable stream of income through fixed payouts.  The risk is lower than most traditional investments because these investments are secured by tangible real estate – with a minimum of 40% verifiable equity.

The credit limitations in the market-place have created new opportunities for lenders in the hard money arena.  Strong, qualified borrowers who typically sought out institutional financing have now turned to hard money lending as a viable solution for financing.  This has raised the bar for qualified properties and borrowers, making Trust Deed Investments even more desirable.

Why our program over others?

We give investors ample opportunity to review a loan package without competing with other investors in our network.  We also give investors all of the rate written on the loan.  Whatever the note rate is, the investor receives the entire benefit.  Average rate is 10% for our investors.  As a result borrowers get lower rates and investors get higher returns.

Who qualifies to be a Trust Deed Investor?

►  Individuals
►  Family Trusts
►  Corporations
►  Self Directed IRA’s
►  401k plans
►  Partnerships

Contact Joseph Perez to learn more about our Trust Deed Investments: 818-952-2750