About US

About Us

Ester Perez and Joseph Perez – (husband and wife) founded Better Loans & Realty with a vision of helping individuals build wealth, through our hard money lending.  With the hope that the more one can accumulate the more one can give.  

We are a merit based company which acts as a conduit to large REIT, pension and hedge funds. For residential loans in California we act as a representing originator to our Trust Deed Investors.

Our Mission 

It is our mission to redefine the hard money industry by providing balance through a trusting business philosophy, with community and earth consciousness.

*  To our customers; we provide multiple financing options that include 1st, 2nd Trust Deeds and JV arrangements.  Our loan terms should have your interest at heart.

*  To our investors; we provide an array of Trust Deed Investments suited to meet your diverse needs.  We will go to all ends to protect your investment.

*  To both investors and customers; we believe honest communication and respect go far in creating long-term, trusting relationships.  Our core values and guiding principles help us focus on your needs before ours.